Phân biệt adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Real or Fake

What’s real, What’s fake? Left or Right and why!⠀ ⠀
This week’s episode focuses on the brand spanking new release; Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Yeezreel’. One of many vibrant Yeezy’s, this sneaker is the newest addition to the Yeezy family and like always we want to show you what to look out for. ⠀

Those of you who said the LEFT was real… you’re CORRECT!⠀
Well done to those of you who guessed correctly, this is actually a really good fake so the following posts will show you the key details to look out for.⠀

The packaging is the only obvious downfall on these fakes.⠀
1. The fake pair of sneakers comes in a plastic bag, which is very strange considering all real Yeezy 350’s come in the beige coloured paper.⠀
2. The real pair comes with the authentic adidas tags on the shoe, however, the fake does not come with this paper tag.⠀
3. This fake comes with the notorious keychain, something real sneakers never come with.⠀

The Boost is usually the most important comparison to make.⠀
1. The fake Boost is very glossy and shiny, with the ‘three-stripe circle’ print being very dominant throughout the Yeezy when you compare it to the real Boost. It is also much firmer than the real Boost.⠀
2. The transparency of the sole on the fake is a lot lighter than the real pair. The real pair is a darker volt colour as opposed to the lemon colour sole on the fake.⠀

⁣The shape of the fake is off compared to the real. ⠀
1. The shape of the heel is too straight on the fake and the heel doesn’t bend back to and angle like the real pair.⠀
2. The fabric heel tab is set at the wrong angle on the fake. On the real pair, you can see it sits at an angle in comparison to the fake which sits quite vertically. ⠀
3. The shape of the heel on the fake is too narrow and tall, compared to the real which is quite rectangular in its shape. ⠀
4. The colour of the sole is highlighted again here, with the fake being a much lighter volt colour compared to the real. Also, the midsole is more transparent which shows the Boost material more. ⠀
One last comparison to come and it’s the famous UV test! 

⁣The final comparison post for this episode is the famous UV test!⠀
The fake shoe overall conformed to most UV standards, however, the insole of the shoe proved to be a big giveaway.⠀
1. The insole on the real pair, when put under UV, lights up brightly and highlights a ‘matrix code’ (as our authenticators like to call it) which is basically the small dot pattern you can see. The fake pair does not light up with the pattern.⠀
That concludes this week’s episode of Real vs Fake, we hope you enjoyed it and learnt something! This could be a heavily asked for Christmas present so just be careful if you are buying this from an untrusted source.

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